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20 décembre 2016
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21 décembre 2016

T2S successfully installs the first TrueBeam radiotherapy accelerator in Africa

Source : – le 20/12/2016

The Cheikh Khalifa hospital in Casablanca inaugurated its TrueBeam accelerator and started treating patients on Dec 9th 2016.

TrueBeam is the flagship product from Varian Medical Systems for radiotherapy treatment and T2S, the distributor of high tech medical equipment in Morocco and Africa just installed the first machine of this kind in Africa. TrueBeam is a breakthrough in a sense that it has been designed with technologies allowing a fully-integrated system to monitor live all the movements of the tumor during the treatment, thereby allowing a very accurate dosage and localization of the X-rays.  This is particularly important for treating lung tumors (lungs move when the patient breathes), left breast tumors (heart movement) and other brain and prostate tumors.

Abderraouf Sordo, the CEO of T2S said “the challenge in radiotherapy treatment has always been the accuracy of the radiation treatment.  The aim is to send the right dose of X-Rays at the tumor and to avoid any damage to the healthy neighboring tissue.  With TrueBeam, the treatment duration is reduced from 10-30 minutes to 3 -5 minutes which reduces significantly the dose of radiation for the patient. Such improvements are very important for the wellbeing of the patients”.

Brahim Guessous, Partner from CDG Capital Private Equity said “we are extremely pleased to see that the work of T2S contributes to providing better treatment for those affected by cancer.  T2S has contributed greatly to providing new technologies in the field of medical treatment both in Morocco and Africa and it continues to invest in the training of the medical staff that uses this equipment. This highlights to us the social impact of this portfolio company”