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8 septembre 2016
8 septembre 2016
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Grow with UNIQUE

UNIQUE represents a complete cost-efective radiation oncology solution featuring components and services needed to build a state-of-the-art cancer center. This solution not only ofers
reliable and proven technology, but also ofers a comprehensive service package, as well as focused training and education programs.

UNIQUE is in clinical operation and available in two editions:
– Upgradable package – UNIQUE Power Edition
The UNIQUE Power Edition is an ideal entry level system for centers planning to introduce advanced clinical procedures for the future: a system which is perfectly upgradable at the time of purchase or later on.
– Complete package – UNIQUE Performance Edition
The UNIQUE Performance Edition provides advanced clinical capabilities such as RapidArc® and IGRT tools for exact patient setup, veriication, and correction.

Small-Footprint solution
Thanks to its small footprint and low energy, UNIQUE is the perfect match for a smooth transition from cobalt treatment technology to robust and reliable state-of-the-art radiation oncology.
• Single low photon linear accelerator
• Robust and reliable technology
• Magnetron based
• Low bunker shielding needed
• Easy and fast installation and commissioning

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