OPMI Lumera 700
24 septembre 2016
24 septembre 2016
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« OPMI® Sensera was carefully designed to meet the requirements of physicians performing ENT surgery. Some of its features include ease of use, brilliant image quality and its seamless integration into the surgical workflow.

OPMI Sensera’s compact design enables it to be easily moved between operating rooms and to be repositioned during surgery. The motorized Varioskop® optics with variable working distance provides ergonomic convenience.

Independent of the ENT area in which the physician is working, OPMI Sensera can be maneuvered with extreme precision. OPMI Sensera is an ideal surgical microscope for laser microsurgery, especially when equipped with the optionally available external fine focusing module, which keeps the laser and microscope focus synchronized during surgery.

Due to the motorized balancing system, OPMI Sensera is easily and quickly balanced. »

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